Meeting & Activity Schedule 2018

All meetings begin at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted.

Date Place Program Speaker

Feb. 28 Miami Township Public Library How to help pollinators in our gardens. Green Co. Beekeepers
Smith's Pure Honey

Mar. 28 Wegerzyn Gardens Gardening with Terrestial Orchids Ken Mettler
M.V. Orchid Society

April 25 Miami Township Public Library TBA TBA

Wegerzyn Gardens Annual Plant Swap MVWGS Members

June 27 Faulkner's Daylily Garden Tour of Gardens & Pond Bob Faulkner

Bob Iiames Garden Tree Pruning & Garden Maintenance Bob Iiames

Aug. 22 Miami Township Public Library Fall Preparation for Winter Jerry Haun
Green County Master Gardner

Sept 26 Wegerzyn Gardens Pond Topics Steve Blessing
Green Vista Water Gardens

Miami Township Public Library Fish Adam Hater
Jones Fish

November & December No Meetings