Library Books

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Title Author Date
A Fishkeepers Guide to Koi James, B. 1985
AKCA Guide to Filters & Prefilters AKCA 2000
AKCA Guide to Koi Health AKCA 2000
Complete Guide to Water Gardening Robinson, P. 1997
Encyclopaedia of Ferns Jones, D. 1987
Gardening with Water Van Sweden, J. 1995
Goldfish Guide Matsui & Axelrod 1991
Koi USA Buyer's Guide Koi USA 2003
Practical Koi Keeping 1 AKCA 1987
Practical Koi Keeping 2 AKCA 1993

Practical Koi Keeping 3 AKCA, et al. 1995

The Master Book of Water Gardening Swindells, P. 1997
The Manual of Fish Health Andrews, Exell, & Carrington
The Professional's Book of Koi Barre, A. 1992
The Water Garden Robinson, P. 1995
Water Gardening, Ortho's All About Speichert, Greg & Sue 2001
Water Gardening in Containers Nash, H. & Spreichert, G. 1996
Water Gardens Sunset 1997
Watergardening Water Lilies & Lotuses Slocum, P & Robinson, P. 1996
Waterscaping Glattenstein 1994
Waterside Planting Swindells, P. 1994