Members Pond Tour 3

Cliff & Sue's Ponds

We have a heavily shaded yard with 12 different water features. Our main pond has a small falls that empties into a 1500 gal. pond. We have 3 other ponds from 50 - 200 gal. and an above ground nursery pond. The other water features are small prefab tubs, 1/2 barrels and deck ponds. Our most unusual pond is an antique claw foot tub, a mop bucket and a pair of antique wash tubs. We have mostly perennial in the surrounding gardens and the usual water plants...lotus, lilies, hosta, pickerel rush, cattails, rushes and various free floating plants. We have our own peaceful hide-a-way!

The Warner Pond

The Warner Pond The Warner Pond

The Warner Pond The Warner Pond

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